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Wednesday, 22 May

About Us

Ibadan Media Limited is a member of Lewaj Group, is a digital media company, fully incorporated company in Nigeria under Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Federal Govt of Nigeria with registration number 1399993.

We concentrated on local events and happening within the state (Oyo State), getting people updated via all our created channels and upcoming, we like to promoting the state by showcasing them into the world to attract the potential investors in other to reduce unemployment in the state and increase the entrepreneurs, increase the State IGR.

"Ibadan Media is a multi-dimensional powerhouse, seamlessly converging the realms of journalism, marketing & advertisement, & event organization & management. As pioneers in media, we harness the power of words, images, & experiences to create a symphony of engagement. Our journalism arm delves deep into stories, unraveling truths & shedding light on the world's complexities. Through our marketing & advertisement expertise, we transform brands into captivating narratives that resonate with their audiences. And when it comes to events, our meticulous planning & visionary approach turn moments into memories. Ibadan Media: Where journalism, marketing, advertisement, & event orchestration unite to tell stories that captivate, influence, & endure."

What we do:

  1. Promoting locally made products and young entrepreneur in the state.
  2. Updating the indigene home and abroad on what is going on in the state via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and through our website
  3. We organize/plan event for individual/corporate organizations.
  4. We organize free seminars/training in partnership of any company or individual for the indegene.
  5. We also aimed at operating an Internet TV & Radio.
  6. Etc.

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