Ruth Kadiri Clashes With Kemi Olunloyo Over DJ Switch

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According to Ruth Kadiri, she will not keep quiet watching Olunloyo creating scene(s) with DJ Switch, "It is unacceptable" she said.

The popular controversial investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, and Nollywood celebrity, Ruth Kadiri reportedly clashed over popular DJ Switch.

It was reported that Kemi Olunloyo alleged the popular disc jockey, Catherine Udeh, popularly known as DJ Switch of misleading Nigerians over her report on the Lekki Toll Gate event which happened last year.

According to Ruth Kadiri, she will not keep quiet watching Olunloyo creating scene(s) with DJ Switch, "It is unacceptable" she said.

She wrote on her Instagram page, "Everyone always looks away until the worst happens. Then we start shouting justice. #kemiolunloyo is the number social media bully I know, from bully children to adults, everyone sees this, fraternizes with her, or looks the other way. She will pick on you and make you her subject for a year. For fear of this, everyone is quiet. It is ok, not to share Dj switches sentiments. You have the right you can stand with whoever you want. But constantly taunting her. Calling her out. It is unacceptable. And I will not be a passerby who watches and is quiet. #saynoyobullying”

Regards Ruth's post, Kemi Olunloyo fired back saying she has never heard of her before and would advise her to ignore her or her doings as she does not have anything to do with her.

She also took to her Instagram page, and wrote;

“Dear @ruthkadiri I appreciate it if you please KEEP MY NAME OFF YOUR MOUTH. I have sent you a DM. I’ve never heard of you till today possibly because I’m not a film watcher nor found you notable. I must educate you about bullying. This is not the time to drag my work as I don’t drag yours. Know what an investigative journalist does. If I report about someone I investigated and you don’t like it, it’s NOT BULLYING. It’s the bitter truth. I am asking you to pls pls pls REMOVE the post that has you bullying and harassing me with hate speech to your fans. You don’t want to get into a long-drawn fight with me. If I have people flag that post @instagram will remove it and will count it as a censored community guidelines violation. You have no right to shame and degrade me.”

She continued: “I HAVE CHILDREN OLDER THAN YOU AND I AM OLDER THAN YOUR MOTHER. STOP THIS IMMEDIATELY. People will call me wicked if I start with you. You went into depression, have a child to care for, and even threatened your own colleagues with their choice of votes during elections. You said Nigerians don’t deserve help yet you portray this Angel nice demeanor to your fans. Pleeeease leave me alone and don’t talk about me. Your DM is below. Keep your mouth OFF MY WORK as I don’t know yours.”

Finally, she said: “CHECK YOUR DM. Ruth pls take down that post off your page calling me a social media bully. I’m old enough to give birth to you at 33. My children are 35, 30 and 21. It’s uncalled for. Let sleeping dogs lie. I’m an investigative journalist and an opinion journalist. I don’t bully people. #419massacre is a documentary of what I found on my #Lekkitollgate investigation #IJLekkimassacre. Your post is downright offensive and I don’t want my own fans to start flagging your post. Plssss keep my name off your mouth plsss. I do not know you or interfere or criticize your work, pls don’t interfere with mine. You should apologize for this. It’s very unfair and disrespectful. Pls don’t open can of worms or unnecessary beefs”.

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