Oyo Trains 30 Health Workers On Dialysis

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“Hopefully our nurses see the value in the care that they offer the patients.

In a bid to build capacity on kidney disease treatment for COVID-19 patients, the Oyo State Government, on Wednesday, organized a four-day training for 30 doctors, nurses and technicians across the state to ensure access to treatment.

Chairman, Oyo State COVID-19 Technical Task Force, Professor Temitope Alonge, at the opening of the training, said it was to ensure the health workers could provide total care following a few patients during the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic that had impaired kidney functions.

According to him, “We decided that we needed to put a dialysis unit here because some of the patients that needed dialysis during the delta wave, unfortunately, couldn’t have access to dialysis because nobody or no Center was prepared to take them on.

Professor Alonge declared “hopefully our nurses see the value in the care that they offer the patients, that the total care and I believe that this is the right thing to do.”

He stated that individuals with other infections like hepatitis, HIV and Lassa fever may also need dialysis when they have kidney impairment and as such the Infectious Disease Center at Olodo would be able to afford them the opportunity of treatment, too.

Chief Medical Director, Infectious Disease Centre, Olodo, Dr Idris Fasasi stated that following the state government installing a dialysis machine at the centre, it was important that healthcare workers are drawn from the State Hospital Management Board know how to dialysis patients.

He stated that patients with kidney function problems need to be treated along COVID-19 whenever they are admitted to the hospital to prevent them from dying from kidney failure and its complications.

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