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Living and staying healthy requires some deliberate choices and decisions. You are practically what you eat.

Taking care of our health has become a paramount issue in recent times with the number of health issues encountered on daily basis by different people. A lot of people are making healthier decisions about their diets and eating habits to avoid developing some chronic health issues in the near future.

Living and staying healthy requires some deliberate choices and decisions. You are practically what you eat.

Let us highlight some of the areas that need specific attention in our diet choices.

1. Eating a balanced diet is not a luxury but a necessity to staying healthy. Carbs and protein should be apportioned appropriately in our food choices.

2. It’s important to replace saturated oil with unsaturated oil.

Examples of good oil choices to consider are coconut oil or sunflower oil. To avoid cardiovascular diseases, try and grill, steam, boil or bake. Reduce frying.

3. Eat fish more regularly. Reduce the consumption of red meat drastically.

4 Take time to sleep well. Your body cells find it easy to rejuvenate when you rest. Pay attention to pain in your body it’s a sign that something is not doing well.

5. Drink plenty of water on a daily basis to flush out toxins in your system. You are required to take at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

6. Maintain a healthy body weight. Your body max index should be proportional. Check your cholesterol level and blood pressure constantly to know your health status.

7. Control the habit of eating late, it only leads to excess body weight. Gaining weight shows you need to eat less, balance your diet and do some exercises.

8. Daily exercises is important even if it’s more than 30 minutes. It helps the heart and circulatory system.

9. Avoid too much intake of excess salt and sugar.  It only aids heart issues. Reduce drastically intake of soda, pizza French fries suya, and fast foods. Concentrate on going organic. It keeps your body healthy.

10. Take care of your emotions and mental health. Forgive people easily.   Negative emotions like unforgiveness can release poisonous toxins into our bloodstream which can trigger cancer in our cells. Get over being angry, don't hold grudges.

11. Be intentional about your happiness. Do what excites you. Indulge in what ignites your creativity. Find a good company that inspires you.

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